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Bravado Fiction is the brand-new, Brussels-based, Belgian audiovisual production-company, set-up in August op 2019 by veteran executive producer Jan Theys.

In recent years Theys has been involved, in various functions at Skyline Film & TV and De Mensen, in Flemish-Belgian fiction-series projects with some international appeal, such as ‘Salamander’, ‘Professor T’, ‘Beau Séjour’, ‘Team Chocolat’, ‘Undercover’, ‘Crossroads’ and ‘Diamonds’.

 In December 2019 ndF (Neue Deutsche Filmgesellschaft) decided to join Bravado Fiction as an important shareholder. ndF was founded in 1948 and is now the most important fully independent tv-production-company in Germany, currently producing 3 out of the 7 best-scoring tv-series in Germany. Before joining Bravado Fiction, ndF had already invested in Viola Film in Rome / Italy. Viola produced the currently highly successful RAI-series ‘Ognuno è Perfetto’, a remake of the De Mensen’s “Team Chocolat” series



Bravado Fiction wants to be a small-size (lean but mean) outstanding audiovisual production company. Bravado Fiction will focus almost exclusively on fiction-series for all screens. Bravado’s work will be totally content-driven, therefor Bravado Fiction has struck exclusive creative partnerships with several talented and experienced script-writers.

Bravado Fiction’s series need to start from a totally original idea, set in a well-researched arena, contain a thrilling ‘natural’ story, totally driven by some great (sometimes bigger-than-life) characters, coming to live in compelling scenes and through sparkling dialogues.

Although any fiction-series needs to be strongly rooted, Bravado Fiction will be looking for international potential with all of its projects. The international angle could be part of the concept, can grow during co-production and co-financing or be the result of the readymade- and remake-exploitation.

Bravado Fiction currently develops a series of its own original projects, to be pitched as from February 2020, and joined several exciting international co-production projects in development.

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