Flemish Independent Film & Television Producers

What is VOFTP?

VOFTP’s goal is to promote the economic and commercial interests of Flemish independent film and television producers. We realize this objective by informing our members about legal and business developments in the audiovisual sector and involving them wherever necessary.

VOFTP is the spokes-organisation for the Flemish independent television and movie production sector to a wide range of players in the field such as broadcasters, the press, stakeholders in the media sector, research institutions, government institutions, advisory bodies and employers and employee organizations.  We put our best efforts into making these participants aware of the importance and economic strength of our members and their challenges in an ever-evolving audiovisual ecosystem.

Last, but not least, we are a  think tank which vigorously discusses all current affairs regarding the sector and we offer our members a forum to arrive at a mutual consensus to collectively defend this point of view. We draft legal guidelines and standard agreements for our members and collect economic statistics about the sector.

How does VOFTP work?

VOFTP is a non-profit organization, with several internal bodies that ensure a smooth day-to-day operation:

  • The VOFTP Managing Director is responsible for the daily administration and management.
  • The Board of Directors oversees the Managing Director and approves operational budgets and financial plans. The Boards also sets out all VOFTP policies and campaigns.
  • The General Meeting assembles all its members for various statutory duties that must be performed to ensure that VOFTP is governed effectively and responsibly.
  • Working groups can be instated and tasked with monitoring a specific file or subject.

VOFTP has effective and supportive members.

Who are our members?

VOFTP represents a wide variety of Flemish production companies committed to producing many different genres (fiction, entertainment, animation and so on).

VOFTP currently comprises of 38 production company members.

Our members

Our team

Board of Directors

Isabelle Baele - Member BoD
Tom De Baerdemaeker - Chairman BoD
Hans Everaert - Member BoD
An Jacobs - Managing Director
Nino Lombardo - Member BoD
Dries Phlypo  - Member BoD
Geert Torfs - Vice-Chairman BoD
Ivy Vanhaecke - Vice-Chairman BoD
Dirk Ver Hoeye - Treasurer BoD
Peter Quaghebeur  - Independent member BoD


Els Jacobs - Assistant to the Managing Director

VOFTP team